Latest version of the FilterMaster DPF Process for Filter Cleaning is now in operation

mycon delivered the latest version of the patented Particulate Filter Cleaning System to FilterMaster DPF, the division of Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH serving the “Vehicle Service” sector. The FilterMaster cleaning method without housing separation, keeps the value of the particulate filter. In the latest version of the cleaning process, the low cleaning costs have been additionally reduced. The resulting price advantage is passed on to the customer in full for all filter types.

MAN PM-Katalysator left, right MAN TGL DPF

Picture 1: MAN PM-Katalysator left, right MAN TGL DPF

Express Soot Filter Cleaning: Brought in the Morning – Picked up in the Afternoon

Both in the delivery on site and also by mail in Germany is promptness our strength. Hardly anybody can afford to forgo his car in the long term. Even more important is quickness when it comes to repairing commercial vehicles. Therefore FilterMaster DPF cleans particulate filters within a few hours. If the delivery takes place in the morning, the cleaned soot particle filter can be picked up again in the afternoon. By sending by Express, FilterMaster DPF also offers a time-saving solution for shipping. If your order is received by 3pm, collection will normally be made the same day. Then the filter will be delivered by 10 am the next morning at Kipp Umwelttechnik in the department for vehicle service. In individual cases, a later collection of the diesel particulate filter is still possible. The shipping is usually after cleaning on the same day as it was delivered and is already at the customer the next working day at 10 o’clock.

The cleaning time for catalysts and diesel particulate filters of large commercial vehicles is approx. 8 hours. For this reason, shipping will take place on the following working day.

Time sequence particulate filter and catalytic converter cleaning within Germany

Graphic 1: Time sequence particulate filter and catalytic converter cleaning within Germany

Soot Filter Cleaning with FilterMaster DPF by mycon – Prices

Prices for the filter cleaning with the FilterMaster DPF cleaning procedure can be found openly and transparently on the website at If a particle filter or catalytic converter is not included in the price list, we will be pleased to provide you with an individual offer. For the cleaning of large amounts of filters, we provide special prices: FilterMaster DPF offers turnover-related discount.

DPF Cleaning – Possibilities for a High Cleaning Volume of a Customer

For higher filter numbers, the sister company mycon GmbH, as developer and manufacturer of the filter cleaning systems, would like to install a complete cleaning system on a rental basis directly at the customer’s site. The installation usually takes only one day and is carried out by trained technicians and engineers. In the truck sector, this is already worth about 200 filters a year, in the passenger car area 500 filters per year. Maintenance and management of the equipment as well as disposal are carried out by Kipp Umwelttechnik.

FilterMaster DPF – Soot Filter Cleaning as a Service within the Kipp Group

FilterMaster DPF is a division of Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH responsible for the vehicle service sector within the Kipp Group. The group consists of the companies J.W. Kipp Tiefbau GmbH (since 1971), Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH (since 1991) and mycon GmbH (mechanical engineering, since 2001). Several thousand customers are served nationally and internationally, including notable companies. The entire Group enjoys excellent credit ratings for years now.

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