Cleaning process enables cost and time effective cold storage cleaning during running operation

Bielefeld 03.08.2015. Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH had its self-developed “Coldclean” cleaning agent and the application process for cleaning refrigerated warehouses examined and tested by Wessling GmbH from Hannover. Wessling GmbH is one of the leading companies on the market for consulting, analytics and testing. The process and the “Coldclean” cleaner, developed by the Bielefeld company in collaboration with its sister company mycom GmbH, were rated as harmless for the food industry and approved in connection with the operating instructions of mycon GmbH and Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH.

Kühlhausreinigung mittels Anwendung "Coldclean"Contamination on the floor surfaces quickly arises in refrigerated warehouses from forklifts or pallet truck transports. Pallets with refrigerated goods must be transported into and out of the refrigerated warehouse; it’s unavoidable that the floor will get dirty. This contamination freezes solid and builds up. A severe need for cleaning results. Negative temperatures of down to -30°C make cleaning with water impossible if the room temperature is not raised above 0°C. However, this requires removal of the refrigerated goods. Cleaning above 0°C requires a great deal of time and expense; just lowering the refrigerated warehouse temperature after cleaning results in significant costs.

It is even more expensive if there is only one refrigerated warehouse and the refrigerated goods can’t simply be relocated. In that case, a refrigerated container must be rented for the cleaning period and first lowered to the appropriate temperature. The total costs for cleaning a small refrigerated warehouse of approx. 50 m2, including personnel costs / rental costs for the refrigerated container, can quickly exceed an amount of more than 4,000.00 EUR.

The specialized cleaner developed by Kipp Umwelttechnik un-/gereinigte Kühlhausbodenoberfläche
GmbH works with high cleaning efficiency at negative temperatures of down to -30°C and is food safe. With certain applications, it can clean at even lower temperatures. The refrigerated goods remain in the refrigerated warehouse during the cleaning work and only need to be relocated inside the cold storage. The cleaning is performed in a specifically detailed and patent-pending process in which the quantities used are exactly specified. Delayed effects, such as the possible creation of explosive mixtures in temperatures rising over 0°C if the refrigerated warehouse is later shut down, are thereby ruled out, as are negative chemical effects on the refrigerated goods.

The certification by Wesseling GmbH verifies that safety technology and food legislation requirements are met. Every customer from the food sector employing the process from mycon and cooperation partners worldwide, thus has the security and the verification for customers and authorities that a refrigerated warehouse cleaning performed by Kipp Umwelttechnik or its partner companies conforms to all safety technology and food legislation requirements.

The company not only offers an effective cleaner, but an overall concept which is permanently monitored. This prevents stored refrigerated goods from being damaged. Each cleaning is documented and all of the data reserved for verification purposes.


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