KUT-KaS-Funktionspruefung-64Condition examination and function test

According to §61 of the Federal Water Resources Act (WHG), the person operating a wastewater pipe has a duty to monitor its condition and function. This means that you, as a property owner, are responsible for ensuring that your wastewater lines are fully functional.

If you need more information about the statutory regulations and deadlines, please contact your local council who will advise you whether or not the regulations relating to the condition and function test of the drains apply to your property.

Please note: Only authorised experts are authorised to carry out condition examinations and function tests.

Condition review and function test

Condition review and function test

Of course you will also find the inspection experts of the company Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH listed in the list of experts  issued by the State Office for the Protection of Nature, the Environment and Consumers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

We will be happy to provide all the technical background information you require about condition examinations and function tests. Please just call us or send an e-mail to dialog-dichtheitspruefung@kipp-umwelttechnik.de

Notwithstanding the statutory regulations, we have also noticed that awareness about the necessity of competent drain inspections and maintenance is growing.


Drain safety is environmental protection

Leaking wastewater lines can pollute the ground and groundwater, and more pollutants may enter bodies of water. If groundwater enters the damaged lines, this can place an unnecessary burden on sewage treatment plants

Drain safety serves to preserve the value of your property

Cleaning the pipes, removing deposits and blockages, such as roots, guarantees that your wastewater drains function properly. Similar to other questions relating to property upkeep: things only really get expensive when they are discovered too late.

Read more about our drain check

Of course, we can also carry out the specified tightness test for newly installed drains. Please just ask us for a quote.


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