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The drain check involves cleaning and examining your drains in one step. It helps to prevent problems.

When is it necessary?

Drain check
  • Before moving into new buildings
    The acceptance and handover of a new building should also include an inspection of the wastewater pipes: have the wastewater pipes been installed correctly and are they free of rubble? Prevent any unpleasant surprises before moving in.
  • When insuring drains
    Does your building insurance also cover the drains on your property? This may be a sensible option. Talk to your insurance agent. Many insurance companies place importance on checking the drains before approving building insurance or including the drains in the insurance cover.
  • Buying a new property?
    Protect yourself from expensive surprises resulting from leaking drains.
  • To produce planning documents
    Do you have plans of the drain system for your property? This is important for instance when changing or redesigning your garden. It also allows indications of drainage problems, e.g. sinking, to be interpreted correctly.
  • After the renovation of sanitary systems
    When sanitary systems are modified, material parts and rubble can enter the wastewater lines. Therefore, arrange for your drains to be rinsed and checked so that  deposits do not lead to unpleasant problems in the future.
  • Older drainage systems
    Depending on the size, location and use of the property, we recommend conducting a drain check every 10 to 30 years. An intact drain system is an important part of maintaining the value of your property and helps to prevent expensive damage!
  • Repeat wastewater problems
    Do drains keep getting blocked?
    On-going unpleasant odours from the wastewater lines? A drain check is highly recommended here to identify and remedy the causes. Weaknesses in wastewater pipes can be detected quickly and more serious damage prevented.
  • Water damage
    Damp walls, flooded cellar? It is essential in these cases to find the cause quickly. A drain check is highly recommended especially if wastewater is leaking



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