In order to meet our customers’ requirements, our skilled employees are trained and qualified in accordance with the following certifications: ISO 9001, DWA (German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste), and ‘Güteschutz Kanalbau (RAL) Fachbetrieb’ (Approved contractor pursuant to the German Association for Quality Assurance in Sewer Construction and Maintenance) as per WHG19l.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our Customers

  • City councils, municipal councils and local authorities
  • Housing industry, housing associations
  • Industrial companies of any type
  • Property owners

Our Fields of Operation

Drain Cleaning 
Efficient and gentle cleaning of wastewater and rainwater drains inside and outside of buildings and plots of land

Drain Survey
Condition survey of pipes and drains, DN 40 or larger diameters, inside and outside of buildings and plots of land. State-of-the-art camera technology with water drive allows the survey and cleaning in one operation.

Layout Plan Production
The stored data is processed by us for layout plan production and renovation conception. The output can be provided in the form of a CAD drawing if wished.

Pipe and Leak Localisation, Unwanted Discharger 
Pipe routes can be identified through the use of high-sensitivity detectors and leaks can be localised through flow noises or gas detection. Unwanted discharge is made visible through the use of fog generators.

Tightness Check (DIN EN 1610) 
All underground pipes and drains must be tight in accordance with the respective legislation to prevent infiltration and exfiltration of water or wastewater and to protect the groundwater. We can provide the certificate required by the authorities after a positive check.

Renovation Concept Development 
After the up-to-date survey of the actual condition of the pipes or drains with damage identification, any identified damage is assessed in the following step. A partial repair or section renovation may be necessary depending on the number of damage locations or damage analysis. A new laying may be more economical in some cases. Our qualified staff always act in the customer’s interest and will provide you with a quotation that is the most economical for you.

Inliner Renovation/ House Connection Renovation/ Downpipes 
A resin-impregnated tube made of needled felt, ECR fibreglass laminate or a textile tube with an inner film is inverted from one manhole to the next. Can be used with pipe diameters ranging from DN 70 to DN 400.

  • Short repair time
  • Low level of dust/noise nuisance
  • Sewer tightness restored immediately after the curing
  • Repair of damage, e.g. cracks, holes, fragment formations, leaking pipe joints etc.

A new pipe of suitable dimension is inserted into the old pipe. Possible pipe size for this method is between DN 80 and DN 800. The pipe joints are made watertight, the ring gap between the old and new pipe is filled. This results in an inner pipe with high static strength.

Partial Drain Renovation 
A resin-impregnated fibreglass laminate (mat) is placed around a packer and fixed. The packer is driven to the damage location under camera observation, positioned and then expanded by means of compressed air until it presses against the inner wall of the drain. After the curing, the system is vented and the packer is then pulled out of the drain. Possible pipe size for this method is between DN 80 and DN 400. The damage is permanently repaired.

  • Low cost
  • Short repair time
  • Repair of damage, e.g. cracks, holes, fragment formations, leaking pipe joints, root intrusion, etc.

Manhole Renovation
Cleaning, profiling and sealing of leaking manholes.

Maintenance Work on Wastewater Installations
Installation, maintenance, repair and cleaning of installations for the handling of water-polluting substances. Own-monitoring of separation systems in accordance with DIN EN 858 and DIN 1999.